Astra's Reel King

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Reel King is without a doubt one of Astra's most famous land based video slots. Being one of the first £500 jackpot machines to hit amusement arcades and bookmakers throughout the United Kingdom. The game became a huge hit and remains popular even today thanks to a number of variations to the game and loyal players seeking the next jackpot.

The online version of Reel King has been faithfully recreated with all the same graphics, sounds and game play. If anything the game plays better online thanks to an increased payout percentage and a much wider variety of stakes. Gone is the fixed jackpot of £500, you can now win up to £200,000 on any given spin if your a crazy and wealthy high roller staking £400 a go!

There are two well known ways to win the jackpot of 500x your stake on this game which can happen at random on any given spin. Firstly you could land a full screen of gold bags, these could also be mixed with wilds which count as any symbol. This full screen is a rare sight but looks stunning as you watch the wins add up, just make sure your playing the max lines of 20.

Another way to win big or even the jackpot is from the highlight feature on Reel King which is very fun to watch. Randomly at the end of any given spin up to 5 special king character scrolls which contain mini slot machines can appear on the reels which will payout a series of prizes. Landing 5 of these king scrolls at random gives you a very good chance of winning the maximum jackpot. The reel king's will keep spinning their sevens until a blank symbol kills off a particular Reel King scroll. This feature can pay between 5 to the maximum of 500 times your stake.

To summarise, Reel King is a true classic video slot and still holds up as a great game to play even today thanks to variations released on land based cabinets. Start spinning for the King scrolls to emerge and with a little luck you can hit a nice winning streak or even a jackpot!

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